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This Week in Neurodiversity

Each Friday at NOSmag, I’m going to post some links relevant to neurodiversity news and culture criticism around the web. This is what I’ve been reading and that I think you should be reading too. Feel free to add links of your own in the comments!

Watch the Appointments: Ari Ne’eman discusses why White House appointments matter when it comes to figuring out the Trump Administration’s priorities when it comes to disability.

#AccessibleOrganizingMeans: Alice Wong of Disability Visibility Project made a Storify of an important post-Women’s March discussion — How can we make sure organizing is accessible to disabled people?

Not Everyone Wants the Cures the Cures Act is After: Comedian Maysoon Zayid discusses the fact that some disabled people don’t want to be cured.

Autism and Infantilization in Video Games: Madeleine Slade discusses autistic representation in some contemporary video games, including the smash-hit Undertale.

Congress Should Rescind Social Security Regulation that Violates Civil Rights for People with Disabilities: Sam Crane, Dara Baldwin, and Josh Blackman explain why disabled people with representative payees should have the same gun rights as other Americans.

Our Cynicism Will Not Build a Movement. Collaboration Will.: Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza talks about the importance of focusing on building power together.

What have you been reading, watching, or listening to?

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