Sara Luterman, Editor

This is an image of Sara Luterman. They are a white person with short brown hair and thick-rimmed glasses. They are wearing a red dressshirt and smiling.Sara Luterman is the founder and editor of NOS magazine. By day, Sara is a communications professional at the Association for University Centers on Disabilities. By night, she writes and edits on neurodiversity issues. You can find her work in The Guardian and The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.

Sarah Blahovec

This is an image of Sarah Blahovec. She is a white woman with medium length brown hair parted at the side. She is wearing a black leather jacket and a red and white striped shirt.Sarah Blahovec is a blogger and disability activist that lives in the Washington, DC area. She is also the Disability Vote Organizer for the National Council on Independent Living. You can find more of her work at the Huffington Post.

Kerima Cevik

This is an image of Kerima Cevik. She is a black woman with long, curly gray hair. She is looking out a window into sunlight.Kerima Cevik is a legislative advocate and a parent activist for autism and social justice. She blogs about autism, disability rights, and life with her nonspeaking autistic son at The Autism Wars, intersectionality at Intersected, social justice at Brave and is the founder of the Amplify Autistic Voices project.

 Kings Floyd

This is an image of Kings Floyd. She is a white woman with long, brown hair that is parted at the side. She is wearing a maroon shirt and smiling. She is sitting in a power wheelchair. In the foreground, there is a potted plant. Kings Floyd is a young woman with muscular dystrophy who lives in Washington DC. She works for the National Council on Independent Living as their Youth Transition Fellow. In her spare time, she nerds out about disability theory and writing.

Eric Garcia

This is a picture of Eric Garcia. he is a Latino man with short, dark hair and wire-framed glasses.

Eric Garcia is a staff writer at Roll Call. He previously worked for MarketWatch and National Journal, where he wrote about being an autistic reporter. He has also written for The New Republic, Salon, the American Prospect and the Daily Beast. He lives in Washington, D.C.

Finn Gardiner

This is an image of Finn Gardiner. He is a bald black man wearing wire framed glasses and a plaid shirt. He is smiling.Finn Gardiner is a queer, black, and autistic community activist. He is a Master of Public Policy student at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. He holds a degree in sociology from Tufts University, and has extensive experience with community advocacy, peer education, and activism, primarily in the disability and LGBTQ+ rights sphere. His work is primarily focused on social inequality, inclusive technology, the achievement gap, and working towards an intersectional view of disability rights.

Timotheus Gordon

This is an image of Timotheus Gordon. He is a black man with medium length dreadlocks and a light mustache. He is smiling and holding his chin in his hand. Timotheus Gordon, Jr. is a writer, PhD student at University of Illinois at Chicago, and autistic self-advocate. He is also the creator of The Black Autist, a blog that focuses on disability and autism acceptance in black communities worldwide.

Shannon Haworth

This is an image of Shannon Haworth. She is a black woman with long curly hair. She is smiling.

Shannon Haworth is a Public Health Analyst in the Office of Health Equity at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Her focus is on evaluating and monitoring programs that ensure health equity and access to health services for native and minority populations. She is new to the neurodiversity community and loves her son very much.

Kelly Israel

This is an image of Kelly Israel. She is a white woman with long brown hair that is pulled back. She is wearing a white dress shirt and black blazer.

Kelly Israel is a Policy Analyst at ASAN’s national office. She works to advance the legal, legislative and administrative policy objectives of ASAN. She is a graduate of American University, Washington College of Law and is barred in Maryland. Her chief interests are the education of children with disabilities, supported decision-making as a viable alternative to guardianship, and the over-criminalization of people with developmental disabilities.

Sparrow R. Jones

This is an image of Sparrow. He is white, has short, gray hair, and is wearing a red shirt and wire-rimmed glasses. He is smiling.

Sparrow R. Jones is the author of The ABCS of Autism Acceptance from Autonomous Press as well as the long-running blog Unstrange Mind. His website can be found at

Cara Liebowitz

This is an image of Cara Liebowitz. She is a white woman with long brown hair, parted in the middle. She is wearing a black zip up hoodie. There is a tree behind her.Cara Liebowitz is a nationally recognized writer and activist living in the Washington, DC area.  In addition to NOS Magazine, she has been published by outlets such as Everyday Feminism, The Body is Not An Apology, and Teaching Tolerance, as well as several in print anthologies.  Cara works for the National Council on Independent Living as their Development Coordinator. Cara blogs at and you can find her on Twitter @spazgirl11.

John Marble
This is an image of John Marble. He is a white man with sandy blond hair and beard. He is wearing a black t-shirt and smiling.

John Marble is a writer living in San Francisco. He previously served as a presidential appointee in the Obama Administration focusing on workplace issues. His background includes work as a journalist, a social advocate, and as campaign staff for candidate and ballot initiative campaigns.

Kit Mead

The image is of Kit, a white non-binary person with short brown hair tinged with reddish-purple, wearing glasses and over the ear headphones.

Kit Mead is a queer, Autistic disability rights advocate and writer with mental health disabilities. Their main blog is Paginated Thoughts. Kit has been through the psych system and manages the site Psych Ward Reviews. They also have a blog to better inform people about eugenics history and modern effects. Their professional writing is also in QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology, Luna Luna Magazine, the Establishment, and the Deaf Poets Society. Kit lives in the Washington, D.C. area with their cat.

Ari Ne’eman

Ari Ne’eman co-founded the Autistic Self Advocacy Network and served as its first President from 2006 to 2016. In 2010, he was appointed to the National Council on Disability by President Barack Obama, where he served till 2015 as the nation’s first openly Autistic presidential appointee. He currently directs, an online platform working to help empower people with disabilities to control their own services.

Teshale Nuer

This is an image of Teshale and their pet palm tree, Gary. Teshale is a black person with blue eyes. Gary is a palm tree.
Teshale is an NYC based storyteller and performance artist and quintessential good Samaritan. Proud plant parent of one small, but hearty tree named Gary, our greatest achievements include: terrible Yelp reviews, excessive usage of the royal ‘we’ as a personal pronoun and sporadic installments of ‘The Gary Show’.