NOS Magazine is a news and commentary source for thought and analysis about neurodiversity culture and representation. Expect long form journalism, reviews of pop culture, and more. NOS stands for ‘Not Otherwise Specified,’ a tongue-in-cheek reference to when a condition does not strictly fit the diagnostic criteria, or is in some way out of the ordinary.

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Your work and mission are absolutely amazing, as far as I can tell (I came to your site just today, reading the article About Micha David-Cole Fletcher). I look forward to learning more about your organization, and to combing through archived articles.

    However, when I landed on your site, I was struck by your logo — and not in a good way.

    The page I landed on featured a photograph of this young man, apparently standing inside a bus or on the light rail train, reciting from a book he was holding. Behind him, an African American woman and other passengers. And above this image, there was your logo — which looked more like a series of grey nooses, NOT suspended, unlit light bulbs. Even when I came to the swinging yellow bulb and realized what the logo intended to suggest, it was difficult to unsee those nooses. I’m pretty sure the image of a noose was not intended.

    1. Looking again, it may be the ‘swinging’ yellow lightbulb that suggested the noose more than anything. All of this is just my observation, and you absolutely don’t need to publish my comments. I just thought it might be helpful to know the unintended image your logo conjured up for me.

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