This is a black thong with a blue handprint on it. The handprint is child-sized and has a puzzle piece cut out the middle.

5 Awful Autism Awareness Month Products

TS Eliot was right — April is the cruelest month. Autism Awareness Month can be an anxious, or at least facepalm-inducing time for many autistic folks, myself included. Whether it’s harebrained celebrities endorsing Autism Speaks or President Trump lighting it up blue at the White House, non-autistic people are ready to shout how very aware they are.

With that in mind, here are 5 cringe-worthy autism awareness products for sale this April. These are all real things for sale on the internet. Really.

5. This shirt isn’t even blue.

This is a red t-shirt with a puzzle piece on it. It reads "I wear blue for autism awareness." There is no blue on the t-shirt anywhere.

4. Nothing says “love” like what could easily be interpreted as a violent threat by someone very literal. Like say, an autistic person.

This is an image of a t-shirt of a boxing glove with eyes angrily punching another boxing glove covered in puzzle pieces. The text reads, "Beat autism."

3. This really doesn’t seem like an appropriate place to put a child’s hand print.

This is a black thong with a blue handprint on it. The handprint is child-sized and has a puzzle piece cut out the middle.

2. This comes in several different versions with several different family members, just in case you have a niece, nephew, or daughter with autism and want everyone who sees your skimpy man thong to know it.

This is an image of a white man wearing a white thong. The thong reads "I heart my son with autism."

  1. This is the perfect flag to hang outside your home if you want to use puns and a hip, sunglasses-wearing cat to threaten to get rid of an entire group of people.

This is a flag with a cat wearing sunglasses riding a surf board. There is an autism awareness ribbon behind him, with the text "wipe out autism."

Share your worst autism awareness products in the comments.

20 thoughts on “5 Awful Autism Awareness Month Products”

    1. Chuff knows.
      Autistics are seen as being the ‘mental defectives’ by many non-autistics, and yet they come up with this bollocks.
      It’s unbelievably stupid.

  1. Wow thats pretty tactless.. what does that even mean.. are you attacking autistic people or threatening sexual assault..
    Do some research about acceptable autism awareness before you try sell crap that undermines a whole group of people.

  2. There’s a shirt recently floating around FB. One says Aunt and niece best friends for life fight against autism. Of course you can pick what type of relationship the two are. My issue is fight against autism. Like autism is some kind of disease that is a hard fight. It’s not. Autism maybe a different disorder, I’ve had it lucky with my kid. I embrace it because it’s his world. I don’t treat him too different then I would if he wasn’t on the spectrum. Fight against it is wrong in my eyes.

  3. I’ve long said, Autism Speaks is to autistic people as PETA is to domesticated animals. The flag and the yellow shirt fit that narrative.

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